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Children’s Parties

Book your children’s party at the Fitness Studio. We offer a selection of parties to make your child’s birthday fun!

  • DBS certified
  • Child protection compliant
  • Qualified children’s instructor
  • Wide range of other fitness qualifications
  • Fully insured

All parties have a minimum of 8 children and a maximum of 15.
£5 non refundable deposit is required per child at time of booking and full payment is required 24 hours prior to party


Bounce to it!

Age 8 - 14
£20 per child
2 hour duration

  • 1 hour trampoline fun and games
  • Neon face paint/ glitter
  • Refreshments provided  during activities 
  • Fitness Studio party bag
  • Use of party area. 
  • Party food to be provided by the booking party 

Trampoline  fun in a party environment.
Disclaimer – All face paints are applied with booking party permission and no responsibility will be taken by the Fitness Studio for adverse reactions.
Strobe lights are used during the session.



A fitness related party full of team games and activities encouraging social skills, team work, co-ordination, agility and balance but most of all fun!

Age 4 upwards
£20 per child
2 hour duration

  • 1 hour tuition 
  • Refreshments provided  during activity
  • Fitness studio party bag
  • Use of party area
  • Party  food to be provided by the booking party 


The Fitness Studio is situated in the centre of a rural town and community. We believe in making fitness and healthy living accessible to everyone but making it fun and enjoyable. We aim to bring the community together and help advise, support and promote a healthy lifestyle providing:

  • Fitness, lifestyle and nutritional talks
  • Charity events
  • Nutritional and fitness advice
  • Recipes from local businesses promoting healthy eating
  • Gym inductions

Working together towards a healthier lifestyle.

Class Descriptions

The class descriptions below are of all the classes we offer but only a selection are available. We change the timetable to accommodate demand and to provide a varied selection to include all of the elements of fitness, to achieve a varied workout.


Kettlefit training is very dynamic raising your heart rate quickly so as well as developing muscle and strength you also receive a full cardio workout!


New addition to the timetable. This is a class is studio  based on the principles of boxing training, a great workout and good fun.
Classes involve a variety of fitness elements including,strength, resistance, cardio and agility. Using different moves,techniques and equipment such as punching, skipping, pad work in pairs, punchbag and matwork to achieve 
  • A whole body workout
  • Improved  strength
  • Improved cardio
  • conditioning and toning

 Power Abs

A studio based class, 30 mins of challenge  for the abdominals and back muscles.Achieving - 
  •  Toning and conditioning
  • Improvement  of core strength
  • A total workout 


A fun and challenging workout at low impact that is easy to follow. It’s a cardiovascular workout with an addable variety of resistance and mat work. A challenge for the whole body and easily modified to suit to suit all abilities.

Over 60’s Active Fit

Perfect for active older adults with it’s easy to follow low impact choreography.
Focusing on balance, range of motion, co-ordination and fun!

 Pilates  Align and Revive

Pilates is a method of exercise that consists of low impact flexibility, muscular strength and endurance movements. Pilates emphasises correct posture management, core strength and balance.

Swiss Ball Pilates

Principles of pilates incorporating balance, encouraging the correct posture, strengthening of core muscles to achieve a more intense workout.

Body Fusion

A blend of pilates and yoga exercises in a flow to improve flexibility, core strength and all over body strength.

Men On The Mat Pilates

This men’s only class is targeted for the needs of men and can help to alleviate common problems such as

  • Lower and upper back pain
  • Flexibility
  • Core strength
  • Tight muscles
  • Improved posture
  • Balance

With a male only enviroment you are able to concentrate on the Pilates methods of low impact, flexibility, muscular strength and endurance movements.

Energise age 9 – 14

Whizzfit age 5 - 8

We are fully DBS checked and child protection compliant. We offer an age-related class full of activities including the fundamentals of fitness such as agility, balance, team games. Encouraging teamwork and social skills, dance to develop co-ordination. Most of making fitness fun.

Bounce to it! Kids age 8 - 14

The kids will love this fun filled, high energy workout. All the fun, bounce and music but designed for the kids, total fun!

Trampoline manufacturer maximum weight limit of user not to exceed 16 stone / 101kg.


A full bodyworkout with high energy and easy to follow choreography. In the class we will burn calories, improve strength with varied resistance work, encouraging toning and working the whole body.


 A total body, low impact  workout combining resistance with a variety of equipment and matwork, low impact workout achieving
- Increase in lean muscle
- Conditioning
- Calorie burning
- Perfirmance and strength increase

This is a mixed class with modifications for all abilities.

Bounce and Burn

A high energy, fun filled bounce workout involving the trampoline. This workout is a great core strengthening activity as it burns calories, reduces body fat and has been proven to improve the immune system. Dance, groove and jump working the whole body to great tunes. Modifications are available in this class to suit all abilities and is low impact and gentle on the joints.

 Trampoline  manufacturer maximum weight limit of user not to exceed 16 stone / 101kg.


Its all about the workout bands! Working those stubborn areas, burning calories, toning up and yes you are going to sweat!


High intensity! Featuring a different format each week to challenge cardio, strength, endurance and the mind, hardcore for 30 mins!

Legs, Bums & Tums

Shape up and burn those calories as we work those areas everyone wants toned! Putting your body through its paces using a variety of strength, cardio and resistance exercises to create a total workout.

 Yoga Mind & Body

A graceful yoga class within a tranquil environment. Focusing on calm with a sequence of floor and standing asana movements, breathing and meditation to achieve  benefits such as;

  • Relaxation and stress relief
  • Improved mobility and flexibility.
  • Improved balance alignment
  • Improved posture


Indoor cycle based class focusing on endurance, strength intervals, high intensity and recovery. 


This is the perfect class for adrenaline junkies! Extreme cardio, conditioning for every fitness level. Building strength, improving cardiovascular endurance, developing precision and speed modifications given for your level.


An outdoor Bootcamp style workout using a range of equipment and challenging exercises to burn calories, push you to the limit and take your fitness to the next level!''


At the Fitness Studio we understand the difficulties and the struggle with weight management and healthy lifestyle. With qualifications in nutrition, obesity and diabetes, physical activity, weight management and weight loss coaching, we can educate and recommend easy and sensible eating strategies balanced with exercise. We also offer a specific weight loss class combing nutrition, weight loss and exercise, a perfect combination to achieve a healthier you!

  • Nutritional advice and education
  • Healthy eating strategies
  • Motivation and support
  • Specific weight loss classes combing exercise and weight management
  • Recipes and food ideas
  • Weight management and coaching
  • Obesity and diabetes nutrition and exercise planning

One to one consultation to discuss nutritional needs, problems and management.

We also offer a specific weight management class instead of weight loss

  Consultation  60 mins - £40.00

Sessions to be booked direct with fitness instructor

Personal Training

The Fitness Studio offers a personal training service supporting and motivating you, with a personalised fitness and nutritional plan designed to achieve your fitness goals for every level and ability. Achieving a maintainable healthier, happier more active you. To achieve this, we:

  • Give sensible nutritional advice to improve and make the most of dietary intake.
  • Improve the way you look and feel about yourself.
  • Plan a progressive fitness programme to achieve fitness goals.
  • Regular reviews of the programme and introduction of necessary changes.
  • Make lifestyle changes which will continue into a pattern of long term health.
  • Motivation and support every step of the way.


Personal Training

  • 1 -1 private personal training session for 1 hour
  • 1 session - £40
Sessions to be booked direct with the fitness instructor

Split Training

  • 1 -2 private session for 1 hour (a great way to split the cost with a friend or partner)
  • 1 session - £50.00

Specialist Services

Non specific lower back pain management and rehabilitation

Offering a service to manage and rehabilitate non-specific lower back pain using techniques such as consultation, massage, postural assessment and working with the medical profession where needed. We can plan a personal programme to address the needs of the client with the aim improve range of motion and daily living. At any given time between 44% and 33% of the UK adult population suffers from lower back pain, causing debilitating painand reduced range of motion which can affect daily living.

Consultation 60mins - £40.00

Session to be booked direct with fitness instructor

Pregnancy pre and post natal fitness classes

We offer fitness classes for pre and post pregnancy clients. Great benefits include:

  • Targets muscles and functions that can be a problem during and after birth
  • Strengthening of the stomach and the gluteal muscles
  • Reduces back pain
  • Strengthens pelvic floors
  • Controls breathing
  • Improves relaxation

GP referral

We have the ability to offer this service, working alongside the medical profession on a referral system. Working alongside the medical profession on a referral system. We have the professional knowledge and ability to ensure a safe and effective exercise programme for patients with a number of medical conditions.

Obesity and diabetes

Providing a service either by medical referral or self- referral. By creating effective nutritional and exercise programmes for obese and diabetic clients. We are here to help.

Fitness clinics

Including equine specific and lower back pain management

We offer a range of fitness clinics including


Improving and understanding the importance of control, balance, core stability, posture both in the seat and out.We use pilates to improve all of these elements resulting in a better riding position and improved working relationship between horse and rider.

Non specific lower back pain

A problem many suffer and with many causes including

  • Poor posture
  • Weak, tight muscles
  • Movement patterns

The clinics address these factors and using a combination of discussion, exercise and a selection of aids try and improve or manage this debilitating problem.

Sports Massage

60  mins £46

45 mins  £42

Sports massage is a specific application of massage techniques for either pre-event or post event or to aid injury recovery or just to relieve tired muscles. Manipulation of soft tissue reduces tension, stretches ligaments and tendons. Benefits can include

  • Delay of doms – ( delayed onset muscle soreness)
  • Reduction muscle tension and pain.
  • Improved flexibility and range of motion.
  • Promotes relaxation and reduces anxiety.
  • Boosts performance.
  • Prevents injury.
  • Improved posture

Sessions to be booked direct with therapist

Deep tissue massage

60mins £46

45mins £42


One of the most recognised massage techniques which uses a sequence of massage movements concentrating on areas of muscle tension and soreness.

Benefits include

  • Release of toxins from muscles
  • Increased oxygen flow
  • Relaxation and stress relief
  • Promotes healthy and improved circulation

Massage and Cupping therapy

60 mins    £48

45 mins    £43

An ancient chinese medicine technique which has been used for centuries. The therapy combined with various massage techniques involves warming the tissues with oil, glass cups placed on the skin then moved in a relaxing massage. Encouraging improved blood and lymph flow. Cupping has the ability to aleviate 
  •  Tight muscles
  •  Trapped nerves
  •  Fatigue
  •  Pain
  • Anxiety, depression
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Sciatic nerve pain
  •  Many more


The Fitness Studio offers a voucher system which can be purchased from £10 upwards. Nicely presented making them an ideal gift for someone special.

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